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Quality policy

The purpose of the activity is to provide high-quality services for the evaluation of health products and services in accordance with the requirements of legislative and normative documents of Ukraine.

Achieving this goal is based on the following principles:


- ensuring access to their services on an equal basis for all customers, regardless of size, ownership or membership in any association;
- ensuring non-discrimination, objectivity and impartiality of the approach during evaluation;
- compliance with the evaluation criteria that are in accordance with the current normative documents of Ukraine on quality management systems and products; Limiting their requirements to these criteria;
- the exclusion of any commercial, financial or other pressure that may affect the decision;
- identification of possible conflicts of interest that may arise from its relationship and create a threat to impartiality;
- involvement in monitoring the impartiality of the activities of all stakeholders through the functioning of the committee of ensuring impartiality - the Council of the certification body.


- Conformity assessment work is carried out by qualified personnel that meets the established criteria of competence, and constantly increases the qualification of the employees of the enterprise;
- Maintenance of authority as the leading body for assessing compliance at the international level.


Will be responsible for the decisions taken on compliance, and for assessing the adequacy of objective evidence on which the certification decision is based.


Provides public access to the certification status by disclosing information on its own web site or providing on request.


Provides confidentiality of the information received from the applicant.

Responsivennes to complaints

Provides objective consideration of any complaints and appeals from the applicants. If they are recognized as well-founded, they will take due account and make every effort to satisfy.

Risk-based approach

Takes note of the risks arising from certification activities, including the assessment of its relationships, and the possible connections of its staff.